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Golden Rules of Poker

If you want to have fun and win money playing poker, donít forget the following rules:

Choose your hands with care. Donít play many games but play them well!

Be aggressive with your betting if your hand allows you to be! In this way, youíll reduce the number of opponents by forcing players to pay to see a new card. With fewer opponents in the game, your hand can only become stronger!

Vary your game! Donít play all of the same hands in exactly same way. Poker is a many-faceted game: surprise and unsettle your opponents!

Adapt your betting to suit your hand, your opponents and your position at the table.

Know the statistics, concentrate hard and observe your opponentsí ways of playing.

Fold your hand when itís not good enough. Knowing when to fold means knowing how to save money. Be patient, your turn will come.

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