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Why play tournament poker?

Playing in an online poker tournament is a unique pleasure! If you arenít yet a convert, discover five good reasons to test your skills in tournament poker.

Youíll take on players from the four corners of the earth. The aim is simple: to be the last person remaining at the table. The excitement and the thrill of competition are unbeatable.

More often than not, the best poker players only play in tournaments. Tournament poker is therefore a great way to rub shoulders with the stars!

Participating in a tournament allows you to play for hours for modest sums of money or even for free (Freeroll tournaments)! Itís the best way to improve your game whilst playing against quality players and without taking any risks.

Winning a tournament is quite simply a fantastic feeling.

The prize money for certain tournaments is simply staggering: more than 5 million dollars for the winner of the 2006 World Championship! The winners of lesser-known tournaments also take home impressive winnings. Why not you?

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