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In Free Poker, you’re playing with virtual money. Thus, you can start playing without depositing any money. To play Free Poker, i.e. poker just for fun, simply choose a username and state your email address. The poker site will credit your account with virtual dollars. Next, you can head for the “Free Tables” (“Play money”) section of the site and choose a table. Click on a free seat and enter the amount of the virtual stack that you want to gamble on this table. If there are no free places, enter your name on the waiting list. The site will notify you as soon as a place becomes available.

Playing Free Poker allows you to make your first steps in the world of poker without taking the slightest risk. And don’t worry, you’ll soon get to grips with your Poker Software (graphics, functions, etc.)

Free Poker is also an indispensable tool for anyone who has never played poker before or for players who are still unsure of the rules.

For experienced poker players, it provides a way to test software and poker rooms for free before playing for real with “cash money”.

An excellent website to play free Poker: Poker888

But beware! Don’t spend too long paying Free Poker. As soon as you feel comfortable with the software and the rules, step up to Real Money. Why? Simply because you run the risk of of picking up some very bad habits. By gambling with “Play Money”, there’s nothing at stake, whereas poker is first and foremost a game of bidding and betting. With nothing at stake, poker loses a lot of its interest and excitement. You can’t make progress by continuing to play Free Poker.

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