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Choosing your Poker Table

To win at poker, you first have to select your future opponents with care. Your choice of table is crucial… To make the right choice, read this article!

All of the tables on which you can play are shown in the lobby, i.e. on the control panel that is shown on your screen immediately after you’ve started your session.

First, you must choose the poker variant that you want to play, e.g. Holdem. Next, you’ll be shown all of the available Holdem Poker tables. Then you must choose whether you want to play free money, limit, no limit or pot limit poker.

Each table is classified according to the size of the blinds, the number of players, the average pot size and the percentage (%) of players involved in the flop. You can click on the heading of each of these columns to sort it into your chosen order (increasing or decreasing).

But how do you choose? Let’s take a look at each of the criteria in detail:

Choose the betting level that best suits the standard of your game. The more you play at lower levels, the less likely you are to come up against the best poker players. If you’re a beginner, start out at the lowest levels ($0.01/$0.02 or $0.02/$0.04).

You may play at small or large tables. Small tables (short-hand tables) are tables for 6 players or less. Large tables are tables of 10 players. For beginners, it is preferable to start on the big tables. The rhythm is less intense than on the small tables and you’ll learn to become more discriminating about your starting hands.

A ratio is given for each table (e.g. 9/10). This shows you the number of players present at the table (in this case 9) and the maximum number of players for this table (in this case 10).

The average pot size only comes into consideration if you’re playing No Limit Holdem. As the bids are not fixed beforehand, the average pot size helps you to familiarise yourself with your future opponents. You will thus get an initial response to the following questions: Are they aggressive? Are they quick to raise? Do they often bet their whole stack?

The % of players/flop indicates the average percentage of players at the table who make it through to the flop. Bigger percentages show that the players at the table are less likely to be discriminating about their starting hands, thus making it theoretically easier to win. For tables of equal an size, opt for a table with a 60% players/flop rather than one with a 35% rate.

Hands/hour shows you the number of hands played at the table per hour. This is a good indication of the rhythm you’ll be playing at!

With all of this information at your disposal, you’ll soon find the table that suits you best! Join it. If the table is full, you can wait for a place to become available by adding your name to the waiting list.

Click on “Join” or “Seat available” to take your place at the table. Next, enter the size of your stack, i.e the number of chips that you’re buying.

We recommend that you activate the “Auto Blind” function. This means that when it’s your turn to post the blinds, the software will do it for you automatically, saving you precious time. “Auto Muck” is another useful function which allows you to hide the cards in your losing hands from the other players.

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